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Who We Are

We are a dream team, passionate about creating stunning digital experiences.

We create digital experiences that empower your business, being able to adapt to the needs of all environments but following formal software development practices. All our solutions are made up of a cycle characterized by:


Beyond the product or service on which we want to innovate, we focus on exploring your needs, expectations or feelings. We empathize with your wishes, and seek to satisfy them through digital experiences that support the solution you need.


This is the time to let creativity fly and find ways to solve the problem that we are going to tackle. Through various innovation techniques and thanks to multidisciplinary teams we find new ideas to bring you a technological solution according to your reality.


We work on the development of simple prototypes, so that it is possible to define what works or what should be discarded. We consider that the best option is for these prototypes to be experimental interacting with you, to decide what is implemented and what is not.


It is time to launch your business with technology. Now, we achieve the digital transformation of your experience, seeking not only the best option for you but also for your clients.
We are architects of happy digital experiences :)

What We Do

We have everything you need to launch and grow a successful digital business.

Technology only fulfills its role when it makes sense to the people who use it and offers resources that facilitate their day to day. That is why we analyze each case separately, and we adapt to your needs. The success for us it is adding value to your business.


We are a team specialized in developing business software platforms. INTERShopping offers you a technological solution, available in various devices and with a global vision to cover multiple needs of your business. Combine ecommerce with the management of your entire company, in a single platform that also offers you statics from a custom dashboard.

Innovation Labs

We innovate with you, integrating technologies, science, research and strategies to develop new experiences that allow evolution in the digital transformation of your business. We offer you cutting-edge technology through our R + D + i services. Consult us for technological implementation of quality management practices in your business.


We start with the positioning of your business on the web, we seek digital transformation and we help you adapt your technology so that you can achieve it. The first step is to connect your business to the world, and then we work with you for launch your first digital experience.

Digital Marketing

We work to generate value and quality in products beyond technological capacity. Thus, we help you create digital marketing strategies to improve the engagement of your customers. We help you set your business goals, identify an audience and bring your brand to social media.

UI/UX Design

We design solutions aimed at generating transformative experiences for your clients. We use innovative technology through affective computing, to achieve positive emotions in the interaction with each technological solution.

Quality Assurance

Prioritizing Quality to Usher In Digital Transformation if your business. We help you design and execute strategies for the quality assurance of your products and services. Our QA team provides software testing services for projects developed by us or by other companies.

How We Work

We share some of our successful experiences with you.

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We exceed our business targets and opened up a new revenue channel

Javier INTERShopping User
Author image

The INNOVAR team provided us with a platform and the necessary technical support for its effective use. Thanks to this we have been able to fully automate our medical clinic.

Ana María INTERConexión User
Author image

We engaged the services of UX INNOVAR to support a project that was in need of some UX magic. UX INNOVAR’s steady, pragmatic and professional approach to this project impressed us and their output consistently met the goals of our business.

John UX Experience Design User
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Digital Experiences
Innovators Team
Happy Experiences

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